Next meeting is Tuesday, 13 September, 7:30PM.

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Join us for the monthly meetings, second Tuesday of every month, 7:30PM.

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Traveling to Edmonton for tests or treatment at U of A or Cross Cancer? We have info on a group providing B&B housing to out-of-town cancer patients at an affordable rate. Contact Arni (see below).


Recently diagnosed?
Need info now?
Arni Goodman at:
Phone: 780-437-4602

Recently diagnosed? ... Need info now? ... Contact: Arni Goodman at: Phone: 780-437-4602 or email:

Upcoming Awareness Events

Mon., Aug. 22nd

Movember Golf Tournament at RedTail Landing. It’s $200/person and includes greens fees and cart (typically $110), breakfast, AAA Steak Dinner, a swag bag, tons of prizes, silent auction and an awesome time. If you need more info, head to We may be doing an awareness action in conjunction with it.


City of Edmonton employee wellness fair, at the NE Drainage site.
Contact to assist us at any of theses activities.

The Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative

The Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative (APCaRI) brings together a multi-disciplinary team of prostate cancer scientists, physicians, patients, healthcare employees and an international collaborative network together to positively impact the outcomes and quality of life of those living with prostate cancer by accelerating the translation of new research ideas from the laboratory to the clinic.

The Alberta Prostate Registry and Biorepository is a research program designed to collect and store biospecimens (in a “biobank” or “biorepository”) along with individual health information over many years.

For now, APCaRI is looking to enroll participants that:

  • Have not been diagnosed with prostate cancer and are scheduled for a prostate biopsy for suspicion of prostate cancer, or
  • Will start a new treatment for prostate cancer i.e. pre-surgery, pre-radiation, pre-hormones, pre-chemotherapy.
In Edmonton, recruitment will occur at the Alberta Urology Institute, Cross Cancer Institute and Kaye Edmonton Clinic. Ask your doctor if you are eligible to participate in the study.

Download the Alberta Prostate Registry and Biorepository Information Brochure.
Download the Alberta Prostate Cancer Registry and Biorepository Information.
Visit the APCaRI website.

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Let helpful people join you in your struggle.

You may wish to share your diagnosis with others, not only those who mean something to you, but also those who previously might not have been connected to you in your daily life.

How you communicate to others sets the tone for their responses. Letting them know about your medical situation and sharing your fears and concerns allow people to reach out and help you. You may be surprised at their sincere ability to give you their support.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer; or if you are a prostate cancer survivor; or a relative of one; or if you deeply care about someone with prostate cancer, we invite you to join our group, the Prostate Cancer Canada Network, Edmonton.

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One on One

You may not want to ask questions at a group meeting. You may want to speak with someone having the same issues. You may want to talk with someone who has gone through the same treatment you are considering. Or after treatment, you may be dealing with complications.

We have members who are willing to meet with you and offer their help. Contact us by phone or email, we will try to arrange something.